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  Embracing their dedication to sustainability, The Brazilian Mint has constructed the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics medals with recycled materials.   The gold, silver, and bronze medals will each contain 30% melted down and recycled metals from the area. For the coveted gold medal, the strictest of guidelines were followed for their creation. The recycled… Read more »

How Silver Dollars Won the West

There was a time in the Western U.S. when silver dollars were everywhere. And it still seems like anyone with even a modest coin collection has a couple of Morgan silver dollars. But why are silver dollars so abundant? It comes down to the perfect combination of fear, skullduggery and mountains of silver. In 1859, Patrick… Read more »

First State-Run Bullion Depository Coming Soon?

Cattle, cowboys, oil, barbeque, and football are all synonymous with Texan culture. But soon there will be another thing to add to that list. Gold. Texas is in the process of becoming the first state in the country to have its own state-run bullion depository. State Representative Giovanni Capriglione is a man on a mission…. Read more »

Treasure Aboard Luxury Cruise Ship About to Be Raised

In the fall of 1860, disaster struck the S.S. Connaught on its second voyage. On the last leg of its route from Galway, Ireland, to Boston, Massachusetts, the ship started taking on water. The crew managed to stop the leak just as a fire broke out. As the fire raged, the crewmembers struggled to lower… Read more »

Pirate’s Treasure Found Off the Coast of Madagascar

Sometime in the late 1600s, pirate William Kidd was sailing his ship, the Adventure Galley, off the island of Sainte Marie, which lies east of what is now Madagascar. The Adventure Galley sank in shallow waters, under unknown circumstances. Legend has it that the ship was full of treasure. But it was just a legend… Read more »

Polish Forest Ranger Finds 6,000 Silver Coins

Centuries ago someone in what is now Poland amassed quite a collection of silver coins. For some unknown reason, the owner of this massive hoard of silver coins decided to hide them in two pots deep in the forest. Whoever hid the coins did an exceptional job, because no one found them — until now…. Read more »

How Much Is the Kentucky Derby Trophy Really Worth?

It’s the homestretch of the Kentucky Derby. Carpe Diem and American Pharaoh are neck and neck. Carpe Diem pulls ahead and wins! The crowd cheers. The horse and the jockey head to the Winner’s Circle. A rose wreath is placed on the horse, and trophies are awarded to the winners. The horse’s owner gets the… Read more »

Treasure Worth $50 Million Found in Sunken WWII Ship

In November of 1942, the SS City Cargo sailed from Bombay, India, for the United Kingdom. Aboard the ship were soldiers and supplies for the English war effort. Among the cargo was a chest full of silver coins worth $50 million today. But the ship never made it to its destination. A torpedo launched from… Read more »

Six Silver Medals to Honor Earth Day

Earth Day is coming and one fun way to bring awareness to environmental issues is by collecting the World Wildlife Fund’s silver medal set. Issued by the Royal Mint in honor of the WWF’s 50th anniversary in 2011, this set features six animals the organization protects. A famous quote from the WWF founder is broken… Read more »

Five Timeless Spring Jewelry Trends

Spring is finally here. The days are longer and we’ve got a running start on the annual April showers. Spring-cleaning is under way, and you know what that means. Out with the old and in with the new. When it comes to jewelry, however, sometimes the old can look surprisingly hip. In fact, vintage-inspired styles… Read more »