Large Cents

Large cents were some of the earliest coins struck at the U.S. Mint. The first large cent design of 1793 was known as the Chain Large Cent. The reverse featured a chain of 15 links that the public said represented the bondage of slavery, so the coin was not well regarded.

Later that year, a wreath replaced the chain. The public hated the 1793 Wreath Large Cent too, which led to the Liberty Cap design, minted from 1793 to 1796 in several variations.

The Draped Bust Large Cent was minted between 1796 and 1807. The two most desired dates of this coin are 1799 and 1804. The Draped Bust design was replaced by the Classic Head Large Cent, which was minted from 1808 to 1814. The Matron Head Large Cent was issued between 1816 and 1839. The really rare varieties of this coin are the 1821 and 1823 versions.

Between the Matron Head and the Braided Hair series of 1840 came the Middle Dates Large Cent. The Braided Hair Large Cent was replaced in 1857 with the new small cent.

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