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Embracing their dedication to sustainability, The Brazilian Mint has constructed the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics medals with recycled materials.


The gold, silver, and bronze medals will each contain 30% melted down and recycled metals from the area. For the coveted gold medal, the strictest of guidelines were followed for their creation. The recycled materials extracted were done so without the use of mercury, and the remaining 70% carefully mined under heavy supervision.


Sculptors and design teams have shown great care and dedication while creating the intricate details displayed on this year’s summer Olympic medals. Their hard work has paid off and is apparent when viewing the highly anticipated prize.


On the obverse of the medal, the Greek goddess, Nike, is depicted flying high above Panathinaiko Stadium with the Acropolis in the background, and for the first time, the medals are boasting a new feature: a slightly thicker center when compared to the edges. The rim of each medal bears the name of the event for which the athlete excelled. The reverse showcases two laurel leaves along with the Rio 2016 logo and Olympic rings.


The medals designed for the Paralympic games are constructed of the same recycled materials and precious metals, include another cherished feature. Not only is braille incorporated into the design on the obverse but they have also devised a hollow chamber filled with metal beads. Each medal contains a predetermined amount of beads to create a rattle corresponding to its assigned medal. Be it gold, silver, or bronze.


The Olympic Committee and Rio officials have been working diligently over the last several years in efforts to prep Rio de Janiero to host the Summer Olympics. The IOC is anticipating over 480,000 visitors for both Olympic and Paralympic Games as the rest of the world watches beginning August 5, 2016.


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