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  The State of Oregon is riddled with more tales of buried treasure than the rest of the United States may think. Of these stories none have withstood their strength and credibility through the years like the tale of the 18th century chest said to have been filled with jewels, gold and a “giant dark… Read more »

Large cents of the early United States of America

The United States started striking large cent pennies in 1793. They were all produced in Philadelphia and were required by law to weigh exactly double that of the half cents, which made the weight come to 13.48 grams. The first coins minted were called a “Flowing Hair Chain Reverse” and saw very short production run…. Read more »


Portland, Oregon is well known to the rest of the country for its progressive, forward-thinking style. The city is rich in culture, abundant with examples of its pioneer history through old world architecture and the use of natural resources.   Prior to the 1840’s, Portland was nothing more than a small portion of land along… Read more »


The world is a firm lover of gold but not many have seen such a fierce rise in the industry status as China. Since 2013, China has held the #1 spot for gold mining and production, stimulating a major boost in the middle class population, rising incomes, and an ever-rapidly developing urban environment across the country… Read more »