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Historical Benjamin Franklin Document Sold

It’s two years into the French and Indian War. British troops are being defeated at nearly every turn and resources are running low. Benjamin Franklin is desperate to ensure Pennsylvania, his home state, stays safe from French attacks. So he does what needs to be done during wartime. He raises money. The transfer of funds… Read more »

Man Executed for Minting Coins

Over one thousand years ago near modern-day Cambridge, England, King Ethelbert II of East Anglia, decided to mint coins to commemorate his very successful reign. The only problem was that doing so signaled his independence from the King of Mercia. Offa, the king, didn’t like this one bit. In fact, it’s largely believed that it’s… Read more »

Incredible Ancient Coin Artifacts Discovered in England

A brooch, a comb and some tweezers don’t seem like they are particularly interesting items. In fact, they can probably be found in many women’s bathrooms today. But archeologists found some of those items that were anything but ordinary on a recent dig. In what was once a Roman villa in Leicester, England, archeologists dug… Read more »

Two Prospectors Walk Away From a Silver Fortune

This story is part one of Liberty Coin & Currency’s series “Great American Mines.” On the outskirts of what is now affluent Aspen, Colorado, stands what was once one of the most prosperous silver mines in U.S. history: Smuggler’s Mine. Its history is filled with intrigue and tall tales — everything from dubious land claims… Read more »

Code Talkers Finally Honored with Congressional Gold Medals

As far back as WWI, the U.S. military used ancient and rare Native American languages as codes over military radio. This was because our enemies abroad were listening. These languages were completely incomprehensible to them, making them the perfect code. The men that used these codes to convey essential information were called code talkers. Though… Read more »