Gold American Eagle

The American Gold Eagle, the United States’ most popular gold bullion coin, made its first appearance in 1986 as a means of contending in the new global bullion coin market. The coin’s obverse design borrows from the work of the Saint-Gaudens $20 Double Eagle. The reverse side illustrates a convocation of eagles designed by Miley Busiek. The first coins minted (1986–1991) displayed Roman numerical dates. Since then, Arabic numerical dates have been used.

The value of each of these coins today is tied directly to their metal value, which far surpasses their face value. Certain cases have given rise to a collector’s market due to low mintages. The federal government guarantees that each coin contains the stated amount of real gold weight in troy ounces. The coins also come backed by the U.S. Mint for weight and content. By law, the gold utilized to produce these coins has to originate from U.S. sources. Each American Gold Eagle contains a full 31.1 grams of pure gold, with an additional alloy of silver and copper, producing a 22k coin that is long-lasting and wear-resistant. You can purchase American Gold Eagles in increments including 1/10 ounce ($5), 1/4 ounce ($10), 1/2 ounce ($25), and 1 ounce ($50).

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