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Great American Mines Part Three: Reed Gold Mine

This is the third part in the Great American Mines series from Liberty Coin & Currency. Early one Sunday morning in 1799, a twelve-year-old boy decided to forego church and go fishing. It was a profitable choice. While fishing on a creek on his family’s property, the boy found a bright yellow seventeen-pound rock. The… Read more »

Silver Coins Found in Abandoned House Given to Charity

The last thing demolition workers thought they’d come across while digging through an abandoned house was treasure. But that’s exactly what they found. A team of city workers in St. Cloud, Florida, made the discovery of a lifetime when they found 30 pounds of silver coins inside the home of an apparent hoarder.  The small… Read more »

Silver Bar from Shipwreck Fetches Big Bucks at Auction

In the winter of 1740, a merchant ship sank in the English Channel just miles from the coast of England. The Rooswijk fell victim to the Goodwin Sands, an area of the English Channel that is highly trafficked and is constantly changing depths with the tides. With more than 2,000 shipwrecks in the region, it… Read more »

The Top Ten Most Famous Animal Coins

Animals have been used on coins since… well, the beginning of coins. Deer appeared on early staters—some of the first coins. Greek and Roman coins featured an assortment of animals. But choosing an animal to symbolize an entire country on a coin can leave the population of that country collectively scratching their heads or inspired…. Read more »