Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Creepiest Coins of All Time

Most of the time, coins depict former politicians or other notable leaders. However, there are far more ghoulish and macabre coins that come to mind this time of year. Vampires, UFOs, and pirates are all featured on coins. So if you’re spellbound by creepy coins, read on—at your own risk. Romanian Dracula Coin Most of… Read more »

Coins in the Cake and Other Halloween Traditions

It’s that time of year again. Kids dress up in costumes, and candy is the currency du jour for children of all ages. But before Halloween became the holiday we all know, folks in Ireland and Scotland had different ways to celebrate on the same night. Their Halloween traditions didn’t involve with sweets. They celebrated… Read more »

What Is a Nobel Prize Medal Really Worth?

What do Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Theresa and President Barack Obama all have in common? They’re all Nobel Prize recipients. But what is a medal from one of these world-changing individuals really worth? Well, a lot more than its weight in gold. The medals are made of an 18-carat, green-colored gold core,… Read more »

The Four Ways Diamonds Are Formed

How old do you think the average diamond is? One thousand years? One million, maybe? Try one to three billion years old. Diamond formation is not a fast or simple process. In addition to time, it also takes incredible heat, massive pressure, and carbon to produce diamonds. The rare conditions necessary to produce diamonds are… Read more »

Great American Mines, Part Four: Weaver Gold District

When the California Gold Rush began to subside in the mid-1850s, miners started moving east. Spanish legends of rivers rich with gold in the area surrounding what is now Arizona led many miners to the region. But with little to go on besides legends, and a harsh and unforgiving landscape to explore, the miners were… Read more »