Five Timeless Spring Jewelry Trends

Spring is finally here. The days are longer and we’ve got a running start on the annual April showers. Spring-cleaning is under way, and you know what that means. Out with the old and in with the new. When it comes to jewelry, however, sometimes the old can look surprisingly hip. In fact, vintage-inspired styles are all the rage when it comes to spring jewelry this year. Here are five age-old jewelry trends that will be sure to please this spring.

Fashion-forward individuals will be wearing large pendants, of all shapes, sizes and styles this spring. You’ll see pendants that are chunky minerals encased in yellow gold, industrial-looking steampunk creations, and small, romantic silver pendants. No matter your personal style, there’s a pendant that’s sure to match. 

While some people may never have guessed that their grandma’s ancient brooch would come back in style, it has. If your grandma’s brooch is in the shape of an odd, obscure animal, it’s even better. So let your funky, creative side show with a colorful and glitzy brooch. Whether dripping in gems or just festively colored glass, there’s surely a brooch out there that’s just your style. And in your price range.

If you weren’t already 100% positive the ’90s were back, now you can be. Chokers are cool again! But these aren’t the black velvet laced, Victorian-inspired chokers we remember from the ’90s. The chokers in style this spring are colorful and loud. Think extra-large chunky metal chains and huge, colorful glass beads. Not all chokers have to be loud, though. A pearl choker, for instance, is always on-trend.

Statement Earrings
Last summer, we saw a surge in popularity of the statement necklace. This spring, it’s all about the statement earrings. So, dust off those extravagant gem-laden estate earrings you’ve been waiting to wear. The time to wear them is now. If your style is more demure, delicate earrings featuring a stunning solitary stone can make a subtle statement.

Rose Gold
Rose gold has seen a huge rise in popularity lately. Rose gold engagement rings, pendants, statement earrings, and even Apple Watches can be seen on both the pages of fashion magazines and on Pinterest pages. Art Nouveau-inspired floral designs in particular are very popular. This delicate hue perfectly encapsulates the romance of spring.

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