Monthly Archives: February 2015

What You Must See at the National Money Show

It’s not often that national numismatic events come to the Pacific Northwest. But to the delight of many, the American Numismatic Association has chosen Portland as the location of the 2015 National Money Show. This is a show you cannot miss if you’re a local coin enthusiast. Highlights include the ANA Museum Showcase, which features… Read more »

Great American Mines, Part Five: Oregon Gold Country

While Oregon’s history is full of many legends, gold mines don’t figure into many of them. But many of these stories are truly fascinating. Especially when you hear the incredible—possibly tall—tales of the lucky Oregon settlers who struck gold. In 1851, the California Gold Rush was going strong. In order to stock the miners with… Read more »

The Portland Connection to the Goat Lunar Skull Coin

One of the many wonderful things about living in the greater Portland area is the abundance of artists in the region. It seems that art is around every corner. And now it’s on coins, too, since a local artist has been featured on official Ghanaian currency. And the coin is proving to be a hit…. Read more »

Four Ways Abraham Lincoln Changed U.S. Currency

While Abraham Lincoln is well-known for his many accomplishments, his part in shaping U.S. currency is less understood. However, during Lincoln’s presidency, he did more to change U.S. currency than most presidents before and after him. From creating the first U.S. paper money to passing legislation to issue three-cent fractional currency, Lincoln left more than… Read more »