$20 Liberty Head Double Eagle

The $20 Gold Liberty Head Double Eagle coin was minted from 1849 through 1907. Well-known portraitist and engraver James B. Longacre designed the coin. The name Double Eagle refers to the coin being double the size and denomination of the Eagle coin ($10). $20 Gold Liberty Head Double Eagle coins were minted in Philadelphia, Denver, Carson City, New Orleans, and San Francisco. There are three significant designs of this coin. The first was produced from 1849 through 1866, and had a denomination design that read “Twenty D.” and did not have a motto on the reverse. The second was produced from 1866 through 1876 and incorporated the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” on the reverse above the eagle. The third and final design update modified the denomination design from “Twenty D.” to “Twenty Dollars.”

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