Monthly Archives: April 2014

Silver Treasure of Biblical Proportions Found in Ancient City

Over three thousand years ago, a jug containing what was likely a person’s life savings in silver was placed next to a wall and left there. Untouched. Until last year, that is. That’s when archeologists discovered the jug in the ruins of what is thought to be a tower outside the former Armean city of… Read more »

These Pioneer Gold Coins Haven’t Been Seen in Years

Part of Oregon’s pioneering history is up for sale. Later this week, “The Riverboat Collection,” which contains several pioneer coins that haven’t been seen for years, will be auctioned in Chicago and. Two Pacific Company $1 gold coins are the stars of the collection. The historical significance of these coins makes them priceless. Hint: they… Read more »

A Sterling Silver Putter Worthy of The Masters

Liberty Coin & Currency is known for buying rare coins and currency.For example, we just bought a $1.00 1890 Rainbow note and a rare date $3.00 gold coin. But one recent purchase was quite extraordinary: an actual Tiffany putter—in the box. It looks like any ordinary putter, except that the head is made of solid… Read more »

Lewis & Clark Expedition Returns to the Northwest

The story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition has special significance to all of us in Portland and Vancouver. On March 20th, the mint released the latest Native American $1 One Dollar  Coin, commonly known as the “Sacagawea,” honoring Lewis and Clark’s journey through the Northwest Quadrant. The Corps of Discovery as it was known… Read more »