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In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month and to celebrate the long contributing history of Hispanics and Latinos in America, Liberty Coin and Currency has compiled a short list of valuable Hispanic related coins.     1715 Royal Most recently these coins have been making headlines by being discovered amongst the fabled shipwrecks of 1715… Read more »


  Embracing their dedication to sustainability, The Brazilian Mint has constructed the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics medals with recycled materials.   The gold, silver, and bronze medals will each contain 30% melted down and recycled metals from the area. For the coveted gold medal, the strictest of guidelines were followed for their creation. The recycled… Read more »

Golden Ticket Or Certified Trash

1882 gold certificate

Gold certificates have a long standing in the history of the financial world. Because moving tangible gold during the transfer of ownership can be a physically tasking ordeal and the carrying of large quantities of gold coin can also be quite cumbersome, gold certificates have been used as far back as 17thcentury Europe, most notably… Read more »


The world is a firm lover of gold but not many have seen such a fierce rise in the industry status as China. Since 2013, China has held the #1 spot for gold mining and production, stimulating a major boost in the middle class population, rising incomes, and an ever-rapidly developing urban environment across the country… Read more »

How Silver Dollars Won the West

There was a time in the Western U.S. when silver dollars were everywhere. And it still seems like anyone with even a modest coin collection has a couple of Morgan silver dollars. But why are silver dollars so abundant? It comes down to the perfect combination of fear, skullduggery and mountains of silver. In 1859, Patrick… Read more »

The Doomed Spanish Treasure Fleet of 1715

With a slight breeze riffling the water, twelve ships set sail from Havana. Eleven were bound for Spain, loaded with gold and silver. Among them were the flagship Capitana and Urca de Lima. The twelfth ship was the Griffon, a French merchant vessel that had been detained in port. Afraid that word would leak of… Read more »

Now Here’s a Fish Tale You’ve Never Heard Before

Imagine going down to the lake looking for crayfish. You’re flipping over one rock after another, until something catches your eye. But it’s not a crayfish. It’s shiny, gold and round—an antique ring. That’s exactly what happened to a teen on Lake Mitchell near Cadillac, Michigan last week. “I was just flipping over rocks, catching… Read more »

No One Knows the Secrets of Gold Spirals Found in Denmark

Thousands of mysterious gold spirals have been found in Zealand, Denmark. A little while back, a team of archeologists found four Bronze Age gold bracelets there. The archeologists thought they were done, so they handed the site over to amateur archaeologist Christian Albertsen. But Albertsen believed there was more to be discovered. And he was… Read more »

Ancient Roman Treasure Found on Irish Beach

It’s officially beach season. So get your swim trunks, towel, sunblock, and… metal detector? Well, the metal detector may not be absolutely necessary, but it’s not a bad idea if you want to find some buried treasure. Irish retiree Brian Murray brought along his metal detector on his trip to the beach, and it paid… Read more »