In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month and to celebrate the long contributing history of Hispanics and Latinos in America, Liberty Coin and Currency has compiled a short list of valuable Hispanic related coins.



  1. 1715 Royal
    Most recently these coins have been making headlines by being discovered amongst the fabled shipwrecks of 1715 along the Florida coast. While there is still an estimated $400 million worth of treasure lying on the bottom of the ocean, a single 1715 Royal can set one back a handsome sum.


  2. 1733 Escudos
    These coins were homeward bound when the fleet unfortunately became caught in a hurricane off the Florida Keys in 1733. Much like the 1715 Royal, the coins fetch remarkable payouts and set World Records.


  3. 1701 Mexican 8 Escudos Gold Doubloon
    King Felipe had a number of colonies under his rule during the 18th While it is unfortunate that many did not find their way home but instead found a resting place at the bottom of the Gulf Coast and Atlantic, the legends surrounding the coins have significantly contributed to their value. The 1701 Mexican 8 Escudo Gold Doubloon is no exception to that rule.
  4. 1755 Peru 8 Reales Pillar Dollar
    Some have stated that this coin sparked the “$” that has become synonymous with American currency. When taking a closer look at the two pillars located on the obverse of the coin, it is easy to see why this idea is widely accepted.


  5. 1947 50 Peso with 14k Gold Bezel

This coin is not presented in the traditional sense. Encompassed in a 14k gold bezel, the 1947 50 Peso has become something of a collector’s delight. The Greek goddess Nike is depicted as the Angel of Independence on the obverse to symbolize Mexico’s victory over Spain during the Mexican War of Independence.




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