Insanely Luxurious Golf Clubs You Won’t See at the U.S. Open

Summertime is here. For some, that means it’s golf season. And local golf fans could not be more excited about the U.S. Open being held right here in the Pacific Northwest! For the very first time, the open will be held at Chambers Bay Golf Course just outside Tacoma, Washington. In honor of the occasion, here are some of the most exquisite golf clubs to ever grace a golf course.

The Sterling Silver Tiffany Putter

This Tiffany and Co. putter is a classic and elegant club. John F. Kennedy was known to love golfing with his silver Tiffany putter. The head is three inches long and made of sterling silver. Stainless steel makes up the rest of the club, giving it strength and durability, in addition to being stylish. Liberty Coin & Currency may be a bit biased when it comes to this putter, considering it is part of our collection.

Honma Five Star Series

The Japanese company Honma offers a set of golf clubs that will definitely turn heads on the golf course. The Five Star Series is made of platinum with 24-carat gold decorations on each club. At $75,000 a set, these clubs are more about making a statement than winning on the course. Famous Honma owners include Donald Trump and Danny DeVito.

Barth & Sons Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition

This club stands head and shoulders above the rest — the Golden Putter: First Lady Special Edition. Made from cherry wood, this German-made putter’s shaft is covered in an incredibly thin layer of 24-karat gold and the head is encrusted with diamonds. All of which explains the putter’s $150,000 price tag.

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