How Much Is the U.S. Open Jack Nicklaus Medal Worth?

It’s a hot day at the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place, Washington. But no one is sweating like Rory McIlroy. The crowd is silent as he lines up a 20-foot putt on 18 for the win. And though the U.S. Open might not come down to drama like this, someone’s dream is about to come true. When it does, he’ll take home a sizeable sum of money, a trophy, and the Jack Nicklaus Medal. The gold medal has been given out in some form for winning the U.S. Open for over a century. And while the medal is priceless when it comes to the fame and glory, how much is it really worth?

According to the USGA, the Jack Nicklaus Medal weighs .95 ounces. So with the current price of gold at approximately $1,181 an ounce and the medal being made of 10-carat gold, the Jack Nicklaus Medal would be worth slightly under $500 in precious metal value alone. However, the prestige of owning the medal is worth far more than that to collectors. In 2010, famous golfer Lloyd Mangrum’s estate went up for auction, and with it his 1946 U.S. Open gold medal, which sold for a handsome $40,678.95. If a more famous, modern golfer sold his medal, it’s safe to assume it would go for even more.

So, if McIlroy came waltzing into Liberty Coin & Currency with his gold medal next week, how much would we offer him? We wouldn’t let him walk away with less than $50,000.

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