Seven Exquisite Fabergé Egg Coins

Easter is a magical time of year, bringing to mind chicks, bunnies, and of course, Easter eggs. The Easter eggs that gold collectors drool over are the coveted Fabergé Eggs from Russia. For those of us who can’t get our hands on an authentic Fabergé Egg, there is a close second. Fabergé Egg coins depict some of the elegance and grace of the priceless Russian ornaments without the astronomical price tag. So maybe if you’re lucky, the Easter Bunny will put these egg-shaped coins in your Easter basket this year.

$2 Silver Lily of the Valley Egg—2010, Niue Islands
The Mint of Poland commissioned the coin-producing experts in the Niue Islands to produce the gorgeous “Imperial Fabergé Eggs” series, featuring several coins depicting exquisite Fabergé Eggs. The Lily of the Valley is the name of one of the most famous of the original Fabergé Eggs. Fittingly, this coin’s design is an image of the famous egg itself, and contains several crystals incorporated artfully throughout the design. Like all of the coins on this list, this coin is shaped like an egg.

$5 Silver Pansy Egg—2010, Cook Islands
The Cook Islands Fabergé Egg series features exquisitely colored, enamel coins decorated with Bohemian crystals. The enamel in all of the coins from the Cook Islands is applied in the famed Cloisonné style, an ancient method of painting metalware that many of the Fabergé Eggs were painted with. The Pansy Egg coin is one of the most gorgeous of the bunch. A pink pansy emblazoned with crystals sits atop a solid green background.

$2 Silver Coronation Egg—2010, Niue Islands
Another from the Imperial Fabergé Eggs series, this classic silver coin displays an image of the famous Spring Flowers Fabergé Egg, and the coach the egg traveled with. Like all the $2 silver coins in this series, this coin weighs 1.683oz and is made of .925% silver. Low mintage makes this whole series popular for collectors.

$5 Silver Tsarevich Egg—2010, Cook Islands
This fetching cobalt blue design is based on the Tsarevich Egg. Like all of the Fabergé Egg coins from the Cook Islands, this coin is 99.9% silver, and weighs 20 grams. This coin is also decorated using the Cloisonné method.

$2 Silver Clover Leaf Egg—2010, Niue Islands
Any lover of Fabergé Eggs knows the delicate and sweet Cloverleaf Egg. And this silver coin does it justice, embellished with six green crystals and coming together to form two cloverleaves. The crystal leaves are striking against the silver background.

$5 Rosebud Red—2012, Cook Islands
This regal, classic coin is based on the Fabergé favorite, Rosebud. Perhaps more so than any of the coins on this list, this coin is a dead ringer for the egg it’s honoring. The simplicity of the Rosebud design transfers effortlessly to coin.

$2 Silver Bay Tree Egg—2012, Niue Islands
The Bay Tree Fabergé Egg marries nature and industry to create a unique and gorgeous piece of art. This coin’s design carries on the tradition of this technologically advanced artistry. To portray the egg, the coin is decorated with four strategically placed lavender crystals.

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