What You Must See at the National Money Show

It’s not often that national numismatic events come to the Pacific Northwest. But to the delight of many, the American Numismatic Association has chosen Portland as the location of the 2015 National Money Show. This is a show you cannot miss if you’re a local coin enthusiast.

Highlights include the ANA Museum Showcase, which features a 1787 Brasher Doubloon, a 1933 Indian Head $10 Gold Eagle, and Federal Reserve Notes from the Bebee Collection. Liberty Coin & Currency, one of the event sponsors, will be showing off Aquarius Zodiac Coin in silver and copper that were illustrated by a local artist, and a great selection of local national currency notes.

Along with Liberty Coin & Currency, well over 200 other coin dealers of all sizes will be there. So no matter what you’re looking for, there are sure to be surprises around every corner. And you can bet everyone will be bringing the best of the best of their collections.

In addition, the ANA National Money Show logo contains a piece of Portland history. The logo and medal issued for the occasion are based on the “Portlandia” sculpture found outside the Portland building. The 38-foot-high copper statue is the second-largest copper statue in the U.S. after the Statue of Liberty. The statue portrays a woman leaning down, holding a trident in one hand, and reaching out with the other. The statue’s sculptor, Raymond Kaskey, will be present at the ANA Money Show signing autographs.

The ANA Money Show will be held at the Oregon Convention Center from March 7th through the 10th.  Before the official event, the ANA will hold grading classes at the Double Tree Inn on March 5th and 6th. Additionally, the ANA will be hosting educational programs during the show, including Coin Collecting 101 and Coin Collecting Basics.

Admission is incredibly affordable. ANA members get in for free, and it’s only $6 for non-members. On Saturday, admission is free for everyone! There’s also a $2 off admission coupon you can find on the ANA site. So if you love coins, and you live in the area, you really have no excuse to miss the ANA Money Show!

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