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WAMPUM – The Original Currency

When Europeans began traveling in masses to the New World during the 17thcentury, many arrived with little more than the clothes on their backs. Having spent virtually every last bit of available worth for the trip across the pond, the new settlers began searching for the means to trade, barter and purchase necessities for survival…. Read more »

Golden Ticket Or Certified Trash

1882 gold certificate

Gold certificates have a long standing in the history of the financial world. Because moving tangible gold during the transfer of ownership can be a physically tasking ordeal and the carrying of large quantities of gold coin can also be quite cumbersome, gold certificates have been used as far back as 17thcentury Europe, most notably… Read more »


Much like Native Americans, the Chinese had their own version of wampum. Cowrie shells that had been polished and smoothed, were used for trade and other forms of payment for goods and services. Over time, the Chinese began to carve more pronounced circular shells, drill large holes through the middle and eventually bronze them to help… Read more »


Portland, Oregon is well known to the rest of the country for its progressive, forward-thinking style. The city is rich in culture, abundant with examples of its pioneer history through old world architecture and the use of natural resources.   Prior to the 1840’s, Portland was nothing more than a small portion of land along… Read more »

Should “In God We Trust” Still Be Used On U.S. Currency?

“In God We Trust.” Regardless of your religious beliefs, this motto is in your home and quite possibly in your pocket right now. These four words have appeared on U.S. money since 1864, when the motto was first engraved on the two-cent coin. But how and why was the phrase added?   Origins of the… Read more »

Four Fabulous Irish Coins

This time of year, everybody is Irish! But what’s that really mean? While many of us picture Ireland with quaint pubs, ornate chapels, and busy cobblestone streets, the most idyllic scenes in Ireland are found in the countryside. It’s there you’ll find Irish wolfhounds trotting alongside horse-drawn carriages, cows grazing in a field, birds flying,… Read more »

Four Tricks to Thoroughly Enjoy the National Money Show

The time has come, and we could not be more excited. The American Numismatic Association’s National Money Show is here in Portland! Liberty Coin & Currency will be at the show as both a dealer and sponsor. Last week, we told you about all of the must-see items and events at the show. Now, we… Read more »

What You Must See at the National Money Show

It’s not often that national numismatic events come to the Pacific Northwest. But to the delight of many, the American Numismatic Association has chosen Portland as the location of the 2015 National Money Show. This is a show you cannot miss if you’re a local coin enthusiast. Highlights include the ANA Museum Showcase, which features… Read more »

Four Easy Steps to Becoming a Coin Collector

A new year is here, and it’s a great time to try new things. Coin collecting is a unique hobby for several reasons. Unlike most other hobbies, coins don’t just cost money; they often end up earning you money. But just like any new hobby, when you’re first starting out there’s a lot to learn…. Read more »