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  The State of Oregon is riddled with more tales of buried treasure than the rest of the United States may think. Of these stories none have withstood their strength and credibility through the years like the tale of the 18th century chest said to have been filled with jewels, gold and a “giant dark… Read more »


Portland, Oregon is well known to the rest of the country for its progressive, forward-thinking style. The city is rich in culture, abundant with examples of its pioneer history through old world architecture and the use of natural resources.   Prior to the 1840’s, Portland was nothing more than a small portion of land along… Read more »

Four Tricks to Thoroughly Enjoy the National Money Show

The time has come, and we could not be more excited. The American Numismatic Association’s National Money Show is here in Portland! Liberty Coin & Currency will be at the show as both a dealer and sponsor. Last week, we told you about all of the must-see items and events at the show. Now, we… Read more »

What You Must See at the National Money Show

It’s not often that national numismatic events come to the Pacific Northwest. But to the delight of many, the American Numismatic Association has chosen Portland as the location of the 2015 National Money Show. This is a show you cannot miss if you’re a local coin enthusiast. Highlights include the ANA Museum Showcase, which features… Read more »

Great American Mines, Part Five: Oregon Gold Country

While Oregon’s history is full of many legends, gold mines don’t figure into many of them. But many of these stories are truly fascinating. Especially when you hear the incredible—possibly tall—tales of the lucky Oregon settlers who struck gold. In 1851, the California Gold Rush was going strong. In order to stock the miners with… Read more »

What’s the College Football Championship Trophy Worth?

Monday marks a historic moment in college football history. Not only is it the first college football playoff championship, but the Oregon Ducks could be crowned national champs for the very first time! In addition to fame and glory, the winning school will be awarded the College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy. If they ever… Read more »

If You Find Buried Treasure, Do You Get to Keep It?

In the late 1800s southeast of what is now Phoenix, Oregon, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts hired two young boys to shovel out an old, debris-filled chicken coop. During the job, the boys found a seemingly innocuous tin can buried beneath the hen house. Lugging it out, they realized it was extremely heavy. They guessed it… Read more »

These Pioneer Gold Coins Haven’t Been Seen in Years

Part of Oregon’s pioneering history is up for sale. Later this week, “The Riverboat Collection,” which contains several pioneer coins that haven’t been seen for years, will be auctioned in Chicago and. Two Pacific Company $1 gold coins are the stars of the collection. The historical significance of these coins makes them priceless. Hint: they… Read more »