Top Five Super Bowl Rings of All Time

The time has come. Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and the entire Northwest fully expects the Seattle Seahawks to earn another ring. As buyers and sellers of fine jewelry, we can’t help but drool over last year’s gem-covered masterpiece. Last week, we evaluated the Seahawks’ Super Bowl ring from 2014. Then we started asking ourselves just where that ring fit among the most exquisite Super Bowl rings of all time. So without further ado, here are our top five Super Bowl rings.

San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XXIX
When a team is named after the gold miners that founded their town, they better bring it in the bling department. And bring the bling the Niners did. By winning Super Bowl XXIX in 1995, the 49ers took home their fifth Vince Lombardi trophy. So they were rightfully a little cocky. The design of their ring displays this confidence, featuring five of the iconic trophies displayed proudly as large marquis-cut diamonds in the foreground. There are more than five carats of diamonds alone on this ring. The 10-karat yellow gold ring features the Niners logo along with Super Bowl XXIX on one shank, and the Golden Gate Bridge on another.

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV
Like many teams, once the Packers had four Super Bowl wins under their belt, they used the opportunity to gloat a little with their Super Bowl rings. The 2011 design incorporates each Vince Lombardi trophy won, one for each corner of the ring’s design. The trophies are represented in the design by marquis-cut diamonds. The 18-karat gold ring features the Green Bay G on top of a green stone tablet. There are 92 diamonds surrounding the design, to represent the 92 years of the Green Bay Packers’ existence at that time.

Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXII
First-time Super Bowl winners are in the unique position of getting their initial opportunity to put their team’s logo on display. And the Broncos took full advantage of that with their first Super Bowl ring in 1998. The majestic Broncos logo is emblazoned on the front of the ring in diamonds and gems. Australian diamonds make up the mane, while the rest are Quadrillion diamonds. The massive ring is made of 18-karat yellow gold. Fifty-five diamonds border the ring, to represent the total points scored by the teams on that fateful day.

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXX
In 1996 at the thirtieth Super Bowl, America’s Team, the Cowboys, won their 5th Super Bowl ring. Dominating the gridiron was the status quo for the Cowboys at that time, and their Super Bowl ring reflects this. The Cowboys logo, the star, is composed of five marquis-cut diamonds on the front of the ring. Five smaller diamonds are also shown prominently in the background of the ring. This solid 14-karat ring is made of white gold.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII
Though we’re admittedly biased, we saved the best for last: the Seattle Super Bowl ring. Like the Broncos’ ring, the Seahawks’ design came from their first-ever Super Bowl win and features their logo prominently. The solid-gold ring features 172 diamonds, 40 sapphires, and one green tsavorite as the hawk’s eye. The Hawks logo is seen front and center, with the Vince Lombardi trophy placed directly behind it. One of the shanks features the one-of-a-kind Seattle skyline, complete with the signature Space Needle. After the Hawks dominate the Patriots on Sunday, we may need to rearrange this list for the Seahawks’ second ring.

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