How Much Is the Seahawks Super Bowl Ring Worth?

Last weekend’s truly epic battle against the Green Bay Packers secured the Seahawks’ spot in the 2015 Super Bowl. Whether or not they’ll have a rePete of 2014 still remains to be seen. Each player from last year’s victory was awarded a gorgeous ring to commemorate the win. These rings are priceless when it comes to the hard work and dedication it took to earn them. But if one were to sell their 2014 Seahawks Super Bowl ring, how much might they get for it?

The first thing to consider when evaluating any piece of jewelry is its value in precious metals and gems. And when it comes to gold and diamonds, this ring does not disappoint. The massive solid-gold ring comes with 172 diamonds, 40 sapphires, and one green tsavorite. The amount of gold and number of gems in the Seahawks Super Bowl ring is impressive. But that’s by no means the entirety of this ring’s value.

In addition to the substantial value in gold and gemstones, the ring has emotional value. Fans’ love for the Seahawks could drive the price of a Super Bowl ring sky-high. If a cardboard trading card can be sold for tens of thousands of dollars, you better believe a Super Bowl ring is going to bring the cold hard cash. And they do.

Throughout the nearly 50 years of the Super Bowl, a few players have sold their rings. And they’ve gotten anywhere from just under $40,000 to $230,000. Rings from important games and famous players will always sell for more, of course. A ring from stars like Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner, or Russell Wilson would certainly command a higher price than rings from some of their lesser-known teammates.

So how much would we pay for a 2014 Seahawks Super Bowl ring?  Well, with the amount of gold, and number of gems, and the importance of the ring to Seahawks fans, we’d start out offering $50,000. If the Seahawks win the 2015 Super Bowl on February 1st, that price would probably go up.

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