The Top Coins from the Summer of 2014

Princes and presidents? Check. Cute animals? Check. From soccer and superheroes to outer space, this summer has brought us a number of remarkable coins. Here are some of the top coin releases from the summer of 2014.

 Eleanor Roosevelt Gold First Spouse Coin 

Roosevelt first spouse coin (1)

Few first ladies in U.S. history have been as popular and universally loved as Eleanor Roosevelt. Featuring her signature toothy smile, Roosevelt’s portrait on this ten-ounce gold coin is detailed, realistic, and full of personality—a fitting tribute to the beloved first lady.

The First Birthday of Prince George

prince george birthday coins (1)

 On the 22nd of July, Prince George of Cambridge celebrated his first birthday. To mark the occasion, the Royal Mint produced a handsome £5 sterling silver coin. According to the Royal Mint, silver is associated with brides and babies, so the coin is a perfect fit to celebrate a royal prince’s first birthday.

 Great Sand Dunes Quarters

great sand dunes coin (1)

Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes were featured on a quarter released in September as part of the America the Beautiful program. The design of the quarter shows the unique dunes in the background, while a father and son play on the sandy riverbanks in the foreground. This coin was a perfect summer release, celebrating a landmark that is a quintessential summertime destination.

Mother’s Love Half-Ounce Silver Coin 

brown bear silver coin (1)

An adorable rendering of a mother brown bear and her cub adorn the obverse of this Mother’s Love half-ounce silver coin from the Perth Mint. One of mint’s biggest releases this summer, this colorful coin is hard not to love. The brown bear is the fourth animal to be featured in the Mother’s Love series. Though released by the Australian mint, the commemorative coin is actually legal currency for the small island nation of Tuvalu. 

The French World Cup Commemorative Coin

The biggest sporting event of the summer was without a doubt the World Cup. Many countries minted coins to celebrate the occasion, but it was France’s coin that stole the show. The curved coin came in silver and gold. The concave reverse side features a ball entering a net, with the legendary Brazilian Maracaná stadium below. 

world cup coin top 8 (1)

Canadian Superman Coin

Superman 100 coin (1)

Coin collectors and comic collectors have a rare intersection of interests in the new Canadian Superman coins. Four coins were released this summer, each depicting a different comic. The best of these releases is the 14k gold $100 coin, which sports the iconic red “S” from Superman’s costume. The coin’s design was based on the comic The Adventures of Superman (No. 596)

JFK Half-Dollar Anniversary Commemorative Coin

jfk half-dollar 580x360 (1) (1)

The JFK half-dollar commemorative coin was definitely one of the summer’s most talked about releases. Several factors contributed to this release’s significance, including huge initial sales (which were eventually halted because of extremely high demand), the new design, and the fact that it celebrates the anniversary of the original coin being issued. 

Orion Takes Flight

orion takes flight final (1)

This curved Australian coin features one of the most popular constellations in the night sky, Orion. The distinctive constellation pops against a pink, orange, and black background on the coin. The coin, called “Orion Takes Flight,” is the last of three in the Southern Skies series from the Perth Mint in Australia. With its gorgeous color scheme and curved shape—as well as the universal theme of outer space—this is definitely one of the most exciting coin releases of the summer.

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