Silver Treasure of Biblical Proportions Found in Ancient City

Over three thousand years ago, a jug containing what was likely a person’s life savings in silver was placed next to a wall and left there. Untouched. Until last year, that is. That’s when archeologists discovered the jug in the ruins of what is thought to be a tower outside the former Armean city of Abel Beth Maacah. The ancient city lies in what is now Northern Israel.

The jug first appeared to contain nothing more than a clump of dirt and metal, but after a long and arduous restoration, researchers discovered a remarkable collection of silver objects inside. The jug contained the following items: five whole earrings, three parts of earrings, three ingots, and several unidentified silver objects. Amazingly, the ingots would have been used as currency. That’s because 3,200 years ago, the first coin had not yet been minted. Ancient treasure indeed!

Based on the style of the jewelry, Mimi Lavi, a conservator at the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was able to date the objects to the late Bronze Age. The style of the jug in which the silver was found also supports the dating.

The ancient city of Abel Beth Maacah is referenced multiple times in the Hebrew Bible, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that the precise location of this city was located using its geographical coordinates and historical texts describing the region. Until recently, little archeological research has been conducted in the area.

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