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Spelunkers Find 2,300-Year-Old Silver Coins in Israel

Few hobbies are as exciting as spelunking, exploring sometimes-untouched caves, delving as deep as courage allows. And occasionally these explorers find more than adventure below the earth. For example, some spelunkers recently made the discovery of a lifetime. Reuven Zakai, his adult son Hen Zakai and their friend Lior Zhalony are experienced spelunkers. In fact,… Read more »

Man Executed for Minting Coins

Over one thousand years ago near modern-day Cambridge, England, King Ethelbert II of East Anglia, decided to mint coins to commemorate his very successful reign. The only problem was that doing so signaled his independence from the King of Mercia. Offa, the king, didn’t like this one bit. In fact, it’s largely believed that it’s… Read more »

Silver Treasure of Biblical Proportions Found in Ancient City

Over three thousand years ago, a jug containing what was likely a person’s life savings in silver was placed next to a wall and left there. Untouched. Until last year, that is. That’s when archeologists discovered the jug in the ruins of what is thought to be a tower outside the former Armean city of… Read more »