Reggae’s Most Recognized Icon Gets Second Commemorative Coin

jamaica 50 dollar gold plated marley coin

His passion for reggae music, love for his home country of Jamaica and the political events tearing the country apart, made Bob Marley a global sensation. Upon his death from cancer in 1981, Marley was the most famous Jamaican in history, a title still bestowed upon him today.

In 2006, The Bank of Jamaica, along with the British Royal Mint, release a $50 commemorative bi-metallic coin to celebrate the reggae icons’ 60th birthday the year before. Reasons as to why there was a yearlong delay have not been addressed, but it is safe to say, the delayed did increase the interest and desire for the coin.

The .925 silver coin is gold plated to bear the dread-headed likeness of Bob Marley on the obverse along with the standard Jamaican coat of arms on the reverse.

Though it boasts a $50 face value, the coins are currently being sold for $100 on The Bank of Jamaica website.

Bob Marley launched to stardom in the 1970’s with the success of “I Shot The Sheriff” and “One Woman No Cry” and his home was declared a national monument in February 2006.

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