How People Get Rich Investing In Silver

Gold gets all the headlines, but silver is a shrewd investment if you know what you’re doing. One method of investing in silver is the tried-and-true idea of buying low and selling high. And right now, silver has momentarily dipped to 2008 prices. So that might be your signal to invest in silver rounds, silver ingots or silver bars. However, there’s another way of investing in silver that a lot of people don’t know about. If you buy U.S. coins minted before 1965, many of them are made of 90% silver!

In fact, a long-time customer at the Liberty Coin & Currency store in Vancouver told an interesting story about how a silver coin held its value. He decided in 1964 to put a brand-new quarter in his pocket and carry it around for a while. At that time, he said he could buy a gallon of gas with that quarter. As amazing as it sounds, he is still carrying that same quarter. And today, that same quarter is still worth about one gallon of gas because of the silver content. However, if he had saved a quarter minted in 1965 (with zero silver content), it would only be worth 25 cents. So, in essence, silver has kept up with inflation.

The benefit of investing in bags of 90% silver coins is that you can typically buy them at a discount to silver bars or silver bullion coins. You pay a modest premium on top of the spot price of silver when you buy bullion. But bags of 90% silver coins carry a smaller premium when purchased in volume. That’s why many people swear by investing in bags of silver coins minted before 1965.

Liberty Coin & Currency keeps live silver prices on our home page, so it’s easy to see when it might be a good time to cash in on your investment. If you are ever interested in investing in silver bullion or bags of 90% silver coins the experts at Liberty Coin & Currency would be happy to discuss the advantages of both. And we would love to hear any of your gold or silver stories.

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