Celebrities, like every other person, have their hobbies and interests. Some collect antique linen; others collect baseball cards; there are even some who enjoy basking in their odd collection of insects. Whatever their chosen collectible, it opens the doorway for common ground in terms of shared interest. This time around, the celebrities making this list considered themselves to be somewhat of numismatists, investing years of time and energy, along with a pretty penny, to build their collection of coins.


Here are five of the most famous celebrity coin collectors.


Wayne Gretzky


Best known for his time spent on the ice, Wayne Gretzky has also become well known for being a coin enthusiast. His coin collection has made him one of the most well-known collectors to date.


Penny Marshall


Spotted occasionally at coin shows, the famous Laverne & Shirley actress turned director, Penny Marshall, is a lover of rare coins. Though the extent of her collection is not entirely known, we’re sure it’s filled with more than just a pretty penny.


Thomas Jefferson


The famous inventor and founding father of the United States of America was quite the collector of gold coins. His collection ranged from ancient civilizations to contemporary European pieces.


James Earle Jones


Best known for voicing Darth Vader and appearing in the cult classic “The Sandlot,” along with Field of Dreams. This long time talented actor has his eye on more than just movie scripts; James Earle Jones is a noted numismatist and has also narrated the documentary Money: History In Your Hands.


Nicole Kidman


The Eyes Wide Shut and Cold Mountain actress is rumored to have an affinity for ancient Judean coins. While this has yet to be confirmed, one can hope there is a link for a common interest with coin collecting.



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