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  Coins are tough little devils. Over the course of a coins’ lifespan, they will be dropped, kicked, stepped on, possibly run over by a vehicle, or involved in some children’s experiment to discover just how durable they are. Through all this along with the other endless possibilities, it is reasonable to wonder what the… Read more »


  Celebrities, like every other person, have their hobbies and interests. Some collect antique linen; others collect baseball cards; there are even some who enjoy basking in their odd collection of insects. Whatever their chosen collectible, it opens the doorway for common ground in terms of shared interest. This time around, the celebrities making this… Read more »


Portland, Oregon is well known to the rest of the country for its progressive, forward-thinking style. The city is rich in culture, abundant with examples of its pioneer history through old world architecture and the use of natural resources.   Prior to the 1840’s, Portland was nothing more than a small portion of land along… Read more »

Augustus Saint-Gaudens: American Coin Sculptor

Augustus Saint Gaudens

Coin enthusiasts far and wide appreciate the groundbreaking design of the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle. This Beaux-Arts wonder was meant to bring U.S. currency into the twentieth century, and its beauty remains unmatched. The story of the man behind the gold coin is equally impressive, though not as well known. Augustus Saint-Gaudens was born in Dublin,… Read more »

Why Serious Coin Collectors Won’t Miss The Long Beach Expo

If you want to see the treasures of the famed Ship of Gold, you’ll need to book your ticket for Southern California later this month. The 2013 Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Sports Collectibles Expo features a display of more than $10 million worth of gold that was recovered from the ship as well as… Read more »

How To Mint A Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin

So we know the proposed $1 trillion coin made of platinum was ultimately rejected by the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Treasury. And no, the proposed coin was not going to contain $1 trillion worth of platinum, but let’s consider for a moment, what it would look like if it did… Thanks to a quirky… Read more »