The Portland Connection to the Goat Lunar Skull Coin

One of the many wonderful things about living in the greater Portland area is the abundance of artists in the region. It seems that art is around every corner. And now it’s on coins, too, since a local artist has been featured on official Ghanaian currency.

And the coin is proving to be a hit. Before the Lunar Skull Year of the Goat coin even hit the shelves, it was in high demand. It’s the first in the 12-coin annual Lunar Skulls series, which is based on the Chinese zodiac. Only 2,000 brilliant uncirculated coins will be minted, with just 500 proof coins.

The one thing that really sets this coin apart, and which is getting collectors excited, is the design. Tattoo artist Kiana Roo, who runs  Portland’s popular Kangaroo Paw Tattoo, illustrated the goat skull on the coin. Though many may not think of goats as being visually striking animals, Roo’s design is aesthetically pleasing, if a bit morbid.

The obverse side of the coin features the horned skull of a goat. Above the top of the skull, “Lunar Skulls 2015” can be seen. Along the bottom, the words “Year of the Goat” are written. On the reverse side, the seal of the Republic of Ghana is shown, along with the denomination of the coin: 5 cedis. This one-ounce silver coin is sure to be one of the most coveted silver coins of 2015.

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