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Buying Gold and Selling Gold? The Answers to Common Questions

At Liberty Coin & Currency our business is buying gold and selling gold, as well as rare coins, silver, jewelry and antiques. Every day, people come in to one of our two locations with questions about how to start investing in precious metals—or how to turn the valuables they have into cold, hard cash. You’ve… Read more »

Is The New $100 Bill Cursed?

The American $100 bill is arguably the most important and most used bill on the planet. Hundreds make up about 75% of the value of all cash that’s currently in circulation, and they’re incredibly popular overseas as a hedge against fluctuating local currencies. This popularity has led to widespread efforts to counterfeit what has become… Read more »

Do You Own One of the Rarest U.S. Coins?

Imagine this: you open up one of those old boxes sitting in your basement or attic and find a small leather bag. Inside the bag are some old coins, so you sit down and begin to sift through them. Most likely, you’ll have a handful of historical curiosities, which might be worth a few dollars…. Read more »

The Silver Shipwreck: $38 Million on the Ocean Floor

It’s the dream of every treasure hunter who’s ever scoured the local beach with a metal detector: the big score. And Odyssey Marine Exploration has pulled in its biggest haul yet — and reportedly the largest precious metal recovery in history — from the bottom of the North Atlantic. The Florida-based marine salvage company recovered… Read more »

Inside the Gold Selling Process

Evaluating gold is a fairly simple process, but it’s good to have an expert opinion you can trust. The specialists at Liberty Coin & Currency help more people than anyone else in the Pacific Northwest. Here’s how the process works: Step 1: Explain There’s nothing worse than an unscrupulous gold buyer hurrying you through an… Read more »