Inside the Gold Selling Process


Evaluating gold is a fairly simple process, but it’s good to have an expert opinion you can trust. The specialists at Liberty Coin & Currency help more people than anyone else in the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s how the process works:

Step 1: Explain

There’s nothing worse than an unscrupulous gold buyer hurrying you through an evaluation and pressuring you to sell. At Liberty Coin & Currency, we take the time to outline the evaluation process before we start, so that you always feel comfortable and in control.

Step 2: Examine

Know what you’ve got. Because gold is a soft metal, it’s often mixed with other metals to increase its strength and durability. This mixture is measured by karats. The more karats in your piece, the higher the concentration of gold (and the higher the value). One of our gold experts will determine the weight of each piece of your gold as well as its purity.

Step 3: Assess

It’s not just about the gold. Sure. We’re the folks that more people trust to evaluate their gold and silver, but here’s where you’ll really see the difference between Liberty Coin & Currency and a typical gold buyer. We have professionals to examine your jewelry. They’ll use their training to assess any gemstones your piece might contain as well as its cultural and artistic value. And our numismatists (coin experts) will consider the rarity and historical significance of your coins — in addition to their precious metal content — when evaluating them.

Step 4: Offer

Now comes the big moment. We’ll give you a fair and accurate assessment of how much your gold is worth. If you decide to take our offer, you can walk out the door in minutes with cash or a check. If you’d like to shop around, feel free. We think you’ll be back, but there’s never any pressure to sell at Liberty Coin & Currency.

Most of us have some unwanted gold jewelry in the house, and selling your gold to Liberty Coin & Currency couldn’t be easier, more comfortable and — dare we say it? — more fun. With the price of gold rising nearly every day, it’s a great time to treat yourself with some of that cold, hard cash you’ll get from selling your gold jewelry, gold coins or gold bullion.

Liberty Coin & Currency specializes in gold buying and dealing in rare coins. We are a family-owned business that was first established over 16 years ago and is now located in Vancouver and Portland. We also buy gold, silver, diamonds, currency and jewelry. Visit us first for a free evaluation.