Year of the Monkey 10kilo Silver Coin



The Year of the Monkey brings the release of several very exciting commemorative pieces. Of the options to consider, some of which will come from the Royal Canadian Mint and the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom, there is quite a variety to choose from in 2016.


The Perth Mint, Australia’s official bullion mint, along with Provident Metals, is releasing a truly remarkable piece: a 10-kilo, .999 silver, 321.5 troy ounce Year of the Monkey coin. The $300 face value piece has yet to go on sale, as Provident Metals does not intend to release the coin to the public until after February the eighth, when the Chinese New Year begins.

2016 10k Silver Coin

Of the 150 coins struck at the Perth Mint, all will come with certification of authenticity and individual serial numbers, which will qualify them for self directed Precious Metals IRA.


The 10-kilo coin features two monkeys on the obverse: one adult dotingly watching over the baby, perplexed by a peach, which is the symbol for long and healthy lives in Chinese culture. Along with the parent-child setting are the Chinese character for “monkey” and the inscription below, “Year of the Monkey”. When the coin is flipped over to reveal the reverse, one will find the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with her trademark string of pearls delicately placed around her neck.


Though not yet on the market, this coin holds an anticipated price in the $8,000+ USD range. Interested buyers can sign up to receive a notification for the date of release on the Provident Metals website so as to not miss out on this limited, charming collectible!


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