United States Currency Part 1

This blog will start a continuing series starting with the United States earliest coins in the smallest denominations available working up to todays’ modern coins.

In 1793, a Half Cent was issued. To identify it modern coin collectors say it is a “Liberty Cap, Head Facing Left” half penny. It was only made for one year. There were a total of 35,334 minted. They were made of copper, weighed 6.74 grams and had a diameter of 22mm. They are pretty valuable today with prices ranging from several hundred dollars for one in poor condition to $920,000 for an MS-66 grade example that sold at auction in 2014.

Coins are graded on a scale of 1-70. Anything 60 or above is considered Uncirculated. In 1794 through 1797 a “Liberty Cap, Head Facing Right” half cent was made. More than 300,000 were made and prices range from a couple hundred dollars to more than $800,000 for a pristine example. The United States continued to strike Half Cent coins from 1800-1808 and they are identified by the name “Draped Bust”. The style changed again and they are called “Classic Head” and were made from 1809-1836. Mintage continued to go up over the years as more coins were needed for a growing country. From 1840-1857 the “Braided Hair” Half Cent was produced. It was made of copper like the coin all of the previous versions, and was also the last of the Half Cent coins.

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