There comes a time in every coin collector’s life that a box or jar will no longer do. When this time arrives, it’s important to keep in mind the supplies needed to begin properly storing and cataloging one’s collection.



red-book-2017This little red book, formally known as A Guide Book to the United States Coins, is the coin collector’s bible. The annually released book has some of the most up-to-date information as well as pricing for coins minted in the United States dating back to 1600.







coin-folderIf working your way towards becoming a serious coin collector, it’s important to store and catalog one’s collection in a proper manner. Coin folders are a great (and inexpensive) way to begin organizing a collection and to securely store the coins to help maintain value.







round-coin-tube-boxedThese flexible, transparent plastic tubes allow for easy storage for coins a collector may have in bulk. For instance, one may have invested in 50 wheat coins or 40 buffalo nickels. It then becomes more logical to store them in coin tubes than it does in a coin folder. Mostly for ease of storage but also for monetary purposes as the tubes are very inexpensive and can be obtained at a bank or office supply store.






coin-flipsDesigned to house the coin along with a short description, coin flips allow collectors to quickly determine the details of a particular coin. Many collectors love these small, simple pouches and state that choose to keep a plethora on hand. They also advise avoiding the bags containing PVC as they have a tendency to be damaging to the coins themselves.






Magnifying Glass on white background,Clipping Path.Whether you are a serious or novice collector, you should always concern yourself with the details of your coins. A magnifying glass allows for a thorough inspection and will shed light on many imperfections and blemishes the coin may or may not have. Since coin collectors are more willing to pay top dollar for a coin in mint condition, it is imperative to know the full state or condition of the coin one is buying or selling.


While these are just a few examples of the supplies to keep on hand once a collection shows signs of warranting them, they are quite the necessity especially when your collection is well on its way towards abundance.


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