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Baseball has been a favorite of Americans for over a century and the love carries far beyond the stadium in the form of cards. In the past, they were traded and the subject of children’s games, however, nostalgia has now upped the ante in the pursuit of limited editions, autographed, and rookie cards, amongst others. One card in particular demands the crowd whenever it is placed for sale or at auction.

The T206 Honus Wagner 1909-11 are some of the rarest in the bunch. There are a rumored 200 to have ever been made, making it safe to say that far fewer are left for fans to claim.

In April of 2015, one such card went to auction and sold for an astonishing $1.32million USD. What is shocking is that the card sold for what fans believe to be very little, considering the card was listed as being in excellent condition and Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendricks reportedly paid $2.8million for his in similar form. Another T206 Honus Wagner 1909-11 sold in 2013 for $2.1million.

Needless to say, if you are in the market for one of these coveted items of memorabilia, don’t be a rookie and show up with less than $1million for the card.

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