To those who are unfamiliar, coin collecting and paper money collecting may seem as though they are one in the same but what they don’t know is they are more different than they could imagine.


The premise is similar in the sense that one has embarked on a mission to collect as much historical currency as humanly possible. The difference, beyond the obvious physical state, is quite extensive but yet simple when observing these primary differences:


  • Comparatively, paper currency is easier to store than coins as it requires less space.
  • There are a greater number of coins available in the world due to their long existence throughout history.
  • Paper currency tends to be more expensive to purchase due to higher face values.
  • Paper currency also offers a greater variation of designs, colors, and “flaws” which are attributed to their rarity.


These are just the beginning of the differences of currency collecting as the list continues to include subcategories of series, countries, regions, eras, etc. No matter your interest within the world of numismatics, there is one inarguable distinction to remember: There is no right or wrong way to collect currency. Whether you enjoy collecting history in the form of coins of paper money, the most important thing to keep in mind while you are pursuing your passion of collecting is to have fun while doing so!


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