New First Spouse Commemorative Gold Coins Now Available

On November 21, the United States Mint opened sales for the newest release of the First Spouse Gold Coin Program, which features Edith Roosevelt, the wife of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States. The seventh year of this half-ounce gold coin series that highlights the spouses of the presidents began a week earlier with the release of the Ida McKinley coin.

A production problem delayed the release of this year’s First Spouse coins. Excess metal was building up at the edges of the coins when they were pressed, which led to an effect that numismatists call “bottle-capping.” While the issue caused a delay of several months, the U.S. Mint has fixed the problem and the new First Spouse coins are now rolling off production lines and into the hands of collectors.

Before she became the wife of one of America’s most influential presidents, Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt’s life had been entwined with her future husband’s for many years. As a great childhood friend of Theodore’s sister, Edith spent long periods of several summers at the Roosevelt summer home in the village of Oyster Bay on Long Island, and was often taken out on long rowboat rides by a young Teddy Roosevelt.

After their marriage and her elevation to first lady of the nation, Edith Roosevelt guided a team of architects in redesigning the White House to match the new status of the United States as a world power. In particular, she spearheaded the construction of the West Wing of the White House, leaving the second floor of the main building for the presidential family.

The obverse of the new commemorative gold coin features a portrait of Edith Roosevelt and includes her name, the order of her husband’s presidency and the dates of his term. The reverse has a partial image of the White House designed to symbolize its reconstruction under Mrs. Roosevelt’s guidance. The coin has a denomination of $10 and is a half-ounce of .9999 Fine Gold. It’s available in either proof or uncirculated format.

These beautiful coins have been attracting the eyes — and wallets — of collectors worldwide. And while some collectors rush to purchase the Ida McKinley and Edith Roosevelt releases, others are already anticipating this year’s final First Spouse commemorative coins, which will feature Helen Taft, Ellen Wilson and Edith Wilson.

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