Many people probably have a jar, bucket or piggy bank where they keep all the change they’ve acquired over the years. Sometimes we collect it just to get it out of our wallets. Other times we do it to save up for a large purchase. Often, though, we don’t pay much attention to which coins make it into our change banks, meaning you probably don’t know if you have some truly valuable coins hiding inside. Before you lose that jar in your next move or convert it all to cash at your nearest bank, be sure to sift through it thoroughly for little treasures you had no idea were worth more than their face value.

How Do I Know if it’s Worth Something?

Not every old-looking coin can bring in a fortune. Some coins contain a higher ratio of valuable metals while other coins are limited edition mints that are quite rare nowadays. Even foreign currency can bring home a pretty penny. The surest way to check if your special coins are worth anything is by bringing them to a licensed dealer like Liberty Coin and Currency. If you don’t recognize the relief or denomination, Liberty’s experts can explain their significance and worth.

Which Coins Should I Look For?

There are a vast number of rare coins that can fetch a decent price in today’s dealing and collecting markets. In fact, you may have held at least one of these varieties in your lifetime. Perhaps the most obvious coins to look for are the solid gold coins. Think of these treasures as gold nuggets rather than coins. Regardless of its face value, golden coins are made with real gold, making them an excellent investment in today’s gold market.

Atypical coin denominations can also accrue value over time. Two-cent, three-cent, half-cent and even twenty-cent pieces can date themselves, as these coins are no longer in production. The rarity of the denomination mixed with its vintage nature can bring in a decent sales price. If you discover a gold coin in a unique denomination, however, you have the best of both worlds. Look for $2.50, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 gold pieces among your spare change.

Even if the piece isn’t a rare denomination or made of gold, you can still make some money off your old change. Commemorative coins, half dollars, colonial coins and even ancient or foreign coins are valuable in some markets. If you aren’t sure, bring it in to Liberty Coin and Currency for an expert opinion and fair price.

Get More Bang for Your Buck with Liberty Coin and Currency

You never know what kind of fortune is hiding in your change jar. To learn more about which coins to look for, contact Liberty Coin and Currency online or call 360-852-0643.

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