Despite the high demand for the beloved 2015 American Eagle silver bullion coin, the US Mint announced in November 2015 that production would cease after December 7, 2015.


The highly demanded coin is seeing a cut back from The Mint due to “supply squeeze” brought on by silver hitting a six-year low in July 2015. Losses extended into November, thus resulting in the restriction of production of the sought after bullion piece.


The coin was so highly sought after that US buyers began resorting to flying across the pond and beyond to get their hands on one. Now, where the American Eagle once saw a weekly production will come to a screeching halt on the aforementioned December 7th date, leaving the allocation of this final lot to be released on December 14, 2015. IMG_1294


Though sales for the remainder of the year are not yet fully tallied, the 2015 silver American Eagle has, at current time, reached a total of 43.7 million ounces, placing it on track to surpass the 44 million seen in 2014.



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