Let’s face it, coin collecting is an expensive hobby but those who love to engage in it know the long-term value of their investments. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for that initial investment to pay off but the stories and history behind those coins are what make them worth every penny.


1864 2 Cent Piece

The first coin to ever bear the infamous “In God We Trust” motto can be purchased for around $30. The production of the Civil War era coin was intended to be a small-change coin but proved to be unsuccessful in a relatively quick manner. However, the coin still remains popular with historians and coin collectors today.


50 States Quarters

Collectively, these 50 coins have brought about an energy and interest that the coin world has not seen since the 1960’s. Over the 9 years it took to release all 50 quarter designs, each respective state held release ceremonies which were bursting with pride. The coins contributed to a national sensation that jolted numismatics and catapulted the world of coin collecting into a headline making light. While the coins themselves, with the exception of errors and mistrikes, are only worth face value, it’s only a matter of time before they worth exceptionally more.


1976 Bicentennial Coins

During 1976, the United States Mint released commemorative bicentennial coins in quarter, half-dollar and dollar denominations. Each respective coin feature a their own special patriotic design with the Colonial drummer on the quarter quite possibly being the most recognized. Bicentennial coins are much like 50 States Quarters in the respect that there are worth no more than their face value but hold a special place in the hearts of many. Additionally, in due time these celebratory pieces of history will become highly sought after collectors items.


1979 Susan B Anthony

The United States has a long history of testing the waters with dollar coins to which the general populace tends to reject. Of these numismatic guinea pigs is the Susan B Anthony dollar. The first regularly circulated US currency to feature a woman has had two runs, the first from 1979- 1981 and again in 1999. Since it is not seen in circulation as often as it once was, it is now becoming more and more popular amongst collectors.



2000 Sacagawea Golden Dollar

Many coin enthusiasts had high hopes for the “golden” Sacagawea dollar. Sadly, this coin did not get the anticipated praise and success many feel it deserved. Rarely making an appearance in circulation the Sacagawea dollar is still highly revered in the hearts of historians and coin collectors.


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