Incredible Ancient Coin Artifacts Discovered in England

A brooch, a comb and some tweezers don’t seem like they are particularly interesting items. In fact, they can probably be found in many women’s bathrooms today. But archeologists found some of those items that were anything but ordinary on a recent dig.

In what was once a Roman villa in Leicester, England, archeologists dug up some incredible artifacts. Iron Age coins, ceramics, pottery, brooches, a comb and tweezers were all recovered on the dig. These finds confirm the importance of this particular location.

All the artifacts are in remarkable condition. Not only were coins recovered, but the archeologists found coin molds as well. Coin molds were used to create coins. Slugs of precious metals were poured into the molds during coin manufacturing. The fact that these molds were found is quite significant. The fact of an individual possessing a coin mold signifies that he or she was quite high up in society.

“It had been realized for some time that Leicester began to emerge as an important tribal centre before the arrival of the legions in the mid-1st century AD,” said Chris Wardle, Leicester City Council’s planning department archaeologist. “The findings on the site add considerably to this picture.”

“The density of Iron Age–related remains — pits (for waste and/or storage), ditches and traces of roundhouses — shows that there was something special about the Iron Age settlement on the east bank of the River Soar in the 1st century BC,” Wardle stated.

What were once everyday items for someone centuries ago, now stand as important historical evidence. Archeologists are still digging.

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