The world is a firm lover of gold but not many have seen such a fierce rise in the industry status as China. Since 2013, China has held the #1 spot for gold mining and production, stimulating a major boost in the middle class population, rising incomes, and an ever-rapidly developing urban environment across the country… Read more »

United States Currency Part 1

This blog will start a continuing series starting with the United States earliest coins in the smallest denominations available working up to todays’ modern coins. In 1793, a Half Cent was issued. To identify it modern coin collectors say it is a “Liberty Cap, Head Facing Left” half penny. It was only made for one… Read more »

Start Your First Coin Collection Without Being Overwhelmed

Do you have a passion for history, art, politics and people? Then you might want to explore coin collecting. Numismatics has all this and more, but the first steps are sometimes intimidating to novice collectors. So here are some tips to jump-start your passion for coin collecting. Begin by choosing a series of modern coins… Read more »

World’s Record-Breaking Coins

Coins come in all shapes and sizes, but only a few break world records. Which coin is the biggest? Which is the most valuable? From the United States to Nepal, and from Australia to Uzbekistan, here is our list of world-record-breaking coins.     Smallest Coin Some numismatists in India claim that the half vellichakram… Read more »

The Fool Who Spent 1925 Fort Vancouver Half-Dollars at Face Value

In 1926, Governor Charles Sale of the Hudson’s Bay Company purchased 1,000 recently issued Fort Vancouver half-dollar commemorative coins. The coins were later moved for safekeeping to the Provincial Archives Building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. In 1982, a janitor working there came down with a case of sticky fingers. But he had no idea how… Read more »