Selling Your Valuables

Every item someone brings us has a market value and a sentimental value. At Liberty Coin & Currency, we can tell you the fair market value, but only you understand your emotional attachment to the piece. We will never pressure you to sell anything you’re not comfortable selling. Our staff is here to provide you with an honest and accurate evaluation, so you can make an informed decision about a single family heirloom or an entire collection.

Since we are a trusted name in evaluating coins, antiques, gold, silver, and precious jewelry, we also do estate liquidations. We are thorough and thoughtful when estimating the value of large collections. Liberty Coin & Currency has been evaluating heirloom jewelry, broken jewelry, and unwanted jewelry for almost 20 years. Please contact us if you’d like to set up an appointment for us to determine the value of a large estate collection.

Just stop by if you’d like us to look at anything else. We’re always here to help.