Give Thanks if You Own a 1920 Pilgrim Half Dollar

1920 Pilgrim Half Dollar Coin

In 1620, the Pilgrims set sail across the Atlantic Ocean in the Mayflower. Though headed for Manhattan, the Mayflower was caught in a storm, and landed at Plymouth Rock instead. While this inhospitable environment was not their intended destination, the Pilgrims nonetheless made a home for themselves in Plymouth. With the help of Native American tribes, the Pilgrims survived the harsh winter, and the first harvest was celebrated with a feast. The anniversary of this feast now serves as the uniquely American holiday that we all know and love: Thanksgiving. And the Pilgrim Tercentenary Silver Half Dollar is the perfect tribute.

In honor of the 300th anniversary of the Mayflower landing at Plymouth, the U.S. Mint issued the Pilgrim Tercentenary Silver Half Dollar in 1920. The striking coin — weighing 12.5 grams and made up of 90% silver — was then re-released the following year. The obverse side of the coin features a portrait of Pilgrim governor William Bradford in standard Pilgrim attire and holding a Bible. On the reverse is the image of the Mayflower, although the faithfulness of the rendering is debatable.

Aside from having an attractive and historically important design, the Pilgrim Tercentenary Silver Half Dollar is a valuable coin as well. One of these coins today in good condition sells for around $750. But no matter the value, this coin serves as a wonderful homage to the Pilgrims who helped settle this country.

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